Who Are We?

We are Shane & Jesse  and we are the owners of Metaphysical Works.  For years, we wanted to provide access to high quality spiritual tools and products to everyone, no matter which spiritual path they are on, or where they live.  We work with artisans and crafts people to find the best products available to enhance your spiritual practice, adorn your altar or meditation space, and decorate your home.  

Shane is a spiritual seeker and teacher who loves exploring the rich spiritual traditions of the world.  He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner and initiate in the Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids.  From an early age, he felt a close connection to the Divine and the infinite expressions of it.  He brings his wisdom, personal spiritual experience, and teaching experience to Metaphysical Works to make it more than just a retail store but a community available to all who seek to find their own path.

Jesse, for better or worse, chose to be Shane's partner in life, and now in business.  He brings years of retail experience and a keen eye for beauty and design.  He ran a small community metaphysical bookstore for several years and through his conscious intention and deep understanding of his clientele, he took it from a non-profitable shop operating as a courtesy to the community, to a profitable part of a thriving metaphysical ministry.  Now, he brings this same expertise to Metaphysical Works to ensure we carry a unique selection of products to meet any need.